KR Steel Structure Limited has a strong quality control department that ensures highest quality of products maintaining all statutory standards relevant to the steel structures. Quality control department has the authority to inspect all incoming materials, all in-process activities at any stage of production and testing of all finished products. This department also has the authority to pass, reject or quarantine the nonconforming products based on objective evidence.

During the process of checking and testing QC staffs conducts dimensional checks of all items like, size of the members, hole size and appropriate placement, different clits and their placement etc. For welding tests we do 100% visual check for all welding. We also conduct other Non-Destructive Tests (NDT) like, dye penetration test, Magnetic Particle Test (MPT) and Ultrasonic Tests (UT) in required quantity as requested by the customers.   All batches of basic raw materials, that is, MS plates, roofing sheets, wall sheets, purlin, anchor bolts etc are testes for their chemical properties as well yield strength and elongation tests.

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